New Financial Breakthrough Formula Finally Reveals The Hidden Steps to Consistently Earn As Much As N70,000 to N400,000 In 2018 With Just Your Phone And Facebook Account

From The Table of Godwin & Ben


Dear Friend,

It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

I mean the fact that whenever there’s an important and urgent need to be solved with money, you’ll painfully have to wait till the end of the month to receive your salary before being able to adequately meet those financial obligations that has been bothering you for a while now…

Or if you’re a self-employed individual with a handwork…you’ll have to wait for that client to pay up before you can boast of being able to meet any financial responsibility…

Perhaps, the delayed arrival of your income has made you a little more dependent on others…

Forcing you to borrow money, buy things on credit and become indebted to your friends and the petty traders in your neighborhood.

If you’re in such situations, I want you to know that you’re not alone.

In fact, few years ago, I was in exactly the same situation as you are…but fortunately, I finally discovered a way to escape from such situation…and I did it part-time, working only 2 to 3 hours per day.

And if you’re interested, I’ll like to introduce you to the same very profitable part time business that will help you change your financial situation for good.

A part-time business that you can do with just 2 to 3 hours each day…

A part-time business that doesn’t require much time from you, neither does it interfere with your current source of income…

A part-time business that works, using what you already have which is your phone and Facebook account.

Before I tell you more about this profitable business, let me briefly tell you who I am and how I came to discover what I’m about to share with you below.

My name is Godwin Ifeanyi…and I’m presenting this to you with my partner, Ben Ben

I’ve been involved in the world of making-money and part-time businesses since 2006.

My immediate goal then was to discover a source of income that would serve as an alternative to my primary source of income as an employee.

There was no pleasure working for someone else for 30 days straight in a month, yet at the end of the month, the salary will be delayed…sometimes, for several months.

So, to overcome this situation, I started watching out for any part-time business I could venture into…

A part-time business that does not require too much skills, but is still profitable. A part-time business that works without me put in several of hours of my day for that to happen.

So I ventured into different kind of things…for 10 good years of my life.

From Forex trading to importation business and down to referral marketing, and a lot more in-between.

Within that period, I’ve made money and I’ve lost money.

I’ve succeeded, and I’ve failed…

I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work.

And with my 10+ years of experience, I can confidently tell you that there are two major ways to make serious money part-time, and they are through Facebook or Google.

The reason why Facebook is more preferable and is the first choice of many people, including Nigerians…is simply because it is quick and faster to make money with Facebook than it is with Google.

In fact, it is because of how fast and easy Facebook is when compared to Google, that my colleague, Michelle Schroeder could achieve results such as these:

It is also through Facebook that another colleague of mine, Miranda Nahmias, was able to make as much as $17, 489 in the month of march, 2018…


And it is also through Facebook that Ron made almost $14,959 in the month of March, 2018.

These are ordinary, individuals like you without any extra-ordinary skills…yet they are consistently making life-changing amounts with just their phone and Facebook account. And many of them are doing it part-time.

In fact, watch this one minute video below to see live and direct how much my company made passively under one week through this business.


The Big question is…

Are You One of Those Who Are Seriously Making Money With Their Phone And Facebook Account?

Or are you one of those who are paying MTN, GLO, Airtel and Etisalat for Data subscription every month without earning anything back in return?

Are you one of those who are using Facebook to change their financial lives for good…or are you one of those who are using it just to pass time?

If you’ve not been making money online with your Facebook account because you never knew it was possible, or you don’t know how to go about it, then I have good news for you…

…because in the next few minutes, you’re going to legitimately discover the secrets of how to make money online in Nigeria, to the tune of N350,000 per month with your Facebook account, and by using just your phone or Laptop.

To be completely honest with you, this is what Facebook wants you to be doing on their platform. And below I’m going to tell you why Facebook wants you to make money online with their platform.

And my promise to you is that…

  • By the time you’re done reading this, you will also be in a position to also make money online with your facebook account…
  • You will also be on track to earn as much as N400,000 or more with facebook…
  • You will have the capacity to handle most of the financial responsibilities waiting for you…
  • And your worries about money may now be a thing of the past!

But before I go deep into the process of how you can make money on facebook, let’s first of all look at…

Why Facebook Wants You to Make Money Online With Their Platform

See, I want you to stop for a moment to think about this:

Why is Facebook not charging you, your friends and everyone else to use their platform?

Do you know why posting pictures and commenting on photos is free for everyone?

Just imagine it for a moment…

Facebook is the world’s largest social media with over 1.86 Billion users. Facebook employs thousands of employees to create and maintain the infrastructure that is allowing billions of people to make friends and connect with one another all over the world.

They spend millions of dollars paying the salaries of their employees every month…

They spend millions of dollars maintaining the server and network that store Billions of post, videos and photos that is being shared on the network on a daily basis.

Yet they are not charging you for this opportunity. So how do you think Facebook makes their money?

The answer is simple: Facebook makes money when people like you make money online with their platform.

In other words, the more people like you make money online, the more Facebook makes itself. And the more money Facebook makes, the more free service they can provide to the public on their platform.

That is why, Facebook is encouraging and supporting any of its user that want to legally make money online on its platform, including you!

Because Facebook knows that its growth, success and survival is dependent on the number of users that are legally making money online on its platform.

In fact, if people stop making money online with their Facebook account, Facebook will fold up. Facebook will cease to exist. That’s the truth!

And to prevent that from happening, they are constantly making easier for users like you to start…and continue…to make serious amount of money online with their platform.

And so, I guess you’re probably wondering…

How Can You Too Become One Of Those That Will Use This Opportunity Facebook Created To Make Money For Yourself?

The answer to this lies in acquiring the right knowledge.

You see, the truth is many Nigerians do not know they are just a few steps away from financial fulfillment, if only they know how to put their Phones or Laptop and Facebook account to work…

Many Nigerians also do not know that with a little guidance and direction, they can completely turn their lives around with the resources they already have, such as their Smartphones, Laptop and Facebook account.

And while I do not blame them because no one has actually shown you the step-by-step process you need to follow in order to make sure that earning serious income with your phone and laptop becomes a reality.

And the few people that attempt to teach Nigerians how to earn a living with their Facebook account only end up making outlandish claims to the extent that Nigerians have a hard time believing them.

Worse still…they do not show the actual steps that anyone can implement in order to convert their Phones and Laptop from a data and money-sucking device to a device that helps them generate income consistently.

But the Honest-to-God truth is that whether you believe it or not, there are thousands of Nigerians who are working few hours per day and are Legitimately earning a decent amount of living online every month on a part-time basis.

And there are fewer still who are willing to show Nigerians like You, everything you need to know about this process.

Fortunately, I am one of those who finally broke the code to earning with your Phone or Laptop and Facebook account.

Not only am I also earning with Facebook, I’m also among the legitimate few that are actually showing other Nigerians like you how to do it…and most especially, how to do it right.


And the good thing is…

…this money is usually made in dollars. When converted to Naira, the amount can be mind-boggling! And when they make this money wired directly into their bank account in Nigeria, LEGALLY.

So to show you how to do it as well, and how to do it right, I have condensed all my years of experience, knowledge and insight into an In-depth training called…

The Financial Breakthrough Formula

The Financial Breakthrough Formula is an in-depth, online training program that will show you the hidden steps, process and method of earning a living with your phone or Laptop and Facebook account…

It exists to save you the many years of mistake, error, frustration, headache and heartache you would experience if you try to earn with your Facebook account without the guidance of this training.

…Not only will this training show you the necessary steps you need to implement, inside the training, you will also discover how to do it on a part-time basis, working just 2 to 3 hours per day, without spending huge amount of time or resources to make that happen.

Truth be told, many of the steps you’ll discover have not been revealed before…

They are the accumulation of my 10+ years of experience, legally earning a living, especially online.

So what you’ll see inside this training is something that you would likely not see anywhere else…because it is directly born out of my own personal experience.

I’ve come across many people who are trying to teach others how to make money online as a part-time business…but unfortunately, they don’t cover the nitty-gritty that is actually required to do so.

So I’ve painstakingly put together a truly enlightening training that will show you all the required steps you need to implement in order to actually earn a living with your phone, Laptop or Facebook account.

Every step you need is covered. From step 1, to step 2, to step 3 and down to the final step that you need to implement.

Think about it…

Facebook has 2 Billion users. This figure (which by the way, is 10x the entire population of Nigeria) is comprised of people who are always willing to spend and exchange money on the platform.

In the Financial Blueprint Formula, I’ll show you how to Legitimately and Legally tap into this huge market for profit. And I’ll show you how to do it all with your phone or Laptop in the shortest period of time possible.

Please note, everything you’re going to learn is 100% legal. No cutting of corners, no shady activity.

If you’re looking for a training that will teach you some sort of shady and illegal way to make money online, then this training is not for you. Please don’t enroll for this training. You won’t find any of such illegalities here.

Instead, what you’ll find inside this training is the proven, fastest way to tap into a global market of 1.86 Billion people that Facebook has offered you without any physical boundary or geographical hindrance.

You will see first-hand how to turn your phone or Laptop from a data consuming device that sucks cash out of your pocket, into a big money generator that pumps cash after cash into your bank account almost on a daily basis.

Inside the training, you will also discover the astonishing features inside Facebook that you didn’t even know existed. These features were deliberately created by Facebook to help you make money with their platform and with as little human intervention as possible…

…Which means that even if your phone’s battery is dead, or you don’t have any power available in your Laptop, your income on the platform is not jeopardized.

And that’s not all. In fact, in…

Module 1… you’ll be thrilled to also discover some hidden truths about money, such as…

  • The 6 important things you definitely need to know about how to make money online…and why this is so important to the health and wellbeing of your finances…
  • The 100 years old financial model used by many of the world richest men. If you follow this simple formula, you may not experience financial dryness again.
  • The 2 reasons why millions of people struggle to make money online in Nigeria, and what you can do to remove yourself from that list…
  • The 2 solution to every financial problems, including the one you might be going through right now…
  • The worldwide E.S.R.B Formula used by millionaires all over the world to make money, and the best option you have in order to stand a chance of joining this group.

And we’re just get started…

When you’re done with that, you’ll further be granted access to deep-rooted financial materials that will open your eyes in…

Module 2:

  • The secret 64-words rule that absolutely guarantees financial breakthrough (discovering this rule will help you save months and years of struggle and confusion)…
  • How to setup your own profitable income stream (follow this, you will be up in minutes)…
  • The one single thing that guarantees your ability to earn several thousands of Naira monthly (this is the one missing piece that guarantees many people an endless supply of frustration)…
  • The 4 prominent alphabets that unlocks the door to a tsunami of financial breakthrough (Hint: you need to remember these alphabets in everything you do)…
  • How to take advantage of what you already possess for massive profit (you’ll be shocked when you see what others are doing with this information)…

And as if that is not enough, I’ll further take you by the hand and show you in…

Module 3

  • Why people you don’t even know personally will be lining up and willing to LEGALLY hand over their hard earned money to you on Facebook (you don’t need any magic or spiritual Kungfu to achieve this. It’s all based on the simple psychology you’re about to discover)…
  • The one disadvantage you have that’s already playing in your favour (Plus the simple trick to turn this around within minutes)…
  • The 14-word that makes money to exchange hands on Facebook and all over world, and why and how you can take advantage of this too…
  • The BRIDGE strategy that is responsible for putting money into your bank account, and how to make sure you implement it correctly so the money continues to flow without any form of interruption, and…
  • The 5 guidepost you need to maximize your time, energy and income.

And there’s still more to come. You will further learn in…

Module 4

  • The cheapest, fastest and guaranteed way that other Nigerians like you are using to add N100,000 OR MORE to their bank account every month, and how you too can do this so you can pay off your bills and truly live the fulfilling kind of life you want to…
  • Why you only need 4 hours per day to make this work for you, and what you should spend a majority of that time doing…
  • The free tools you need, and how to set them up in minutes without breaking a sweat…
  • The one thing you should spend no more than 10 minutes looking at every day in order to increase the amount of money flowing into your bank account…
  • And simple automation rules to implement to ensure the money continues to come in, even though you’re attending a friend’s wedding, birthday party or simply traveling to your home town.
  • And many more that I have not even mentioned!

Each Module Has Different Lessons Under It!

This training is so comprehensive and detailed that it covers everything you need to know in order to be able to earn a serious living with your phone or Laptop and Facebook account.

In fact, there are a total of 7 different Modules in this training, and under each Module, you have different lessons there to shed light, add more explanation and give you the exact detail you need.

Some modules have as much as 7 different lessons under it…while others have as little as 3 to 4 different lessons under it.

Everything covered in each of these lessons are the exact set of information you need to be able to convert your phone or Laptop  from a data sucking device to one that actually puts money into your pocket or bank account.

Trust me, this training is going to change your life.

As you can see, not only will it expose you to some hidden truths about how to make money in Nigeria, it is also designed to show you how to…

Make At Least, N400,000 Consistently!

And you’ll achieve this in a few short months with just your phone, your Facebook account and a few other tools I’ll provide for you inside the training.

Listen, to be honest, there’s every possibility that you will make more than this amount, but I don’t want to over promise. So let’s use anywhere from N70,000 to  N400,000 as our benchmark for now.

And I guarantee that you’ll be able to do that part-time, working simply for only 2 to 3 hours per day.

That is, by enrolling in this training and implement the steps that are recommended, you will radically experience a tremendous and positive change in your finances, such that…

  • The issue of lack of money will now be a thing of the past because you will now have a verifiable income stream that always puts cash in your pocket…
  • You will be more confident as you walk and hang-out with your friends in your neighborhood…
  • You will no longer be embarrassed because you don’t have enough money to take care of all your financial responsibilities that are staring at you in the face…
  • You will no longer struggle to save for months and years to be able to afford some of the things you want…
  • You will no more be tempted to borrow money, or hide from those you owe when you see them across the street.

These are just some of the advantages of enrolling for this training. Other awesome benefits are:

  • You will no longer be missing out on friend’s and relatives wedding, party or function because there will be no boss telling you if you can or can’t attend…
  • You now have absolute freedom to go where you want, whenever you want without anyone breathing down your neck and threatening you with sack letter or deduction of salary…
  • You will also have the opportunity to regain your health because you don’t need to rush up around 5:00 in the morning preparing for work, only to get stuck in traffic and return late at night…
  • You also be having fun as you choose when to work and where to work, knowing your income is not limited by geographical location…
  • You completely eliminate your fears and worries about money.

In addition to this, after completing this training, you will also be able to…

    • Finally afford all those designer clothes, bag and shoes that you’ve always desired…
    • Afford your own personal, brand new car like other Nigerians like you in a short period of time…
    • You’ll also be finally able to buy a land and even start building your own house within a few short months if you so desire…
    • You’ll finally have the time and money to travel anywhere within and outside the country whenever you choose without limiting your income in anyway…
    • And you’ll also enjoy the level of respect and position such income will bring you among your friends and family members.

So as you can see, these are just some of the mind-changing things you’re going to learn and benefit from in this training.

Sure, I could go on and on and list everything you will learn and benefit from in this training, but I’m sure you’ve already realized that this training and its content will truly change your life around for good.

So instead, let us discuss about two of the most critical questions I’ve received about this training lately, which is…


“Are People Already Benefitting From This Training?”

Well …there are tons of testimonial from people who this training change their financial life. If we feature all of them here this article will be too long.
But to give you a clue, below are some of the testimonies we received recently from our students:

From Dele Adebanjo;

“Hello Godwin, I just want to show you a screenshot of today’s earnings. After implementing your advice and suggestions, I now make a little over $3,390 every week, which is enough to take care of all my needs”

From Onwuka Caleb;

“Thank you Godwin for showing me this opportunity.
The image below shows what I now make every month.
In addition, I just bought a land and I will soon start building my own house. Hope you’ll be around for the opening ceremony?”

A short video from Bright Inaga showing his earning

Will This Training Work For You Too?

Yes, this training will work for you if you meet the following conditions below:

      1. You have or can open a Facebook account…
      2. You have the ability to follow instructions and implement them in a timely fashion…
      3. You have a Laptop and Smart Phone…
      4. You can afford an uninterrupted, reliable internet connection for at least, 1 month, and…
      5. You can afford to spare at most, 2 to 3 hours every day.

If you meet all of the above conditions, the training will work for you perfectly well.

As a beginner, at least, 2 hours is needed everyday, including Saturdays and Sundays. It can be in the morning, afternoon or night.

However, as you progress forward, the time it requires reduces drastically.

In addition, you must also be disciplined during these 4 hours of work. You make sure that you don’t use any minute of this time to go scrolling the newsfeed of your friend on Facebook, or go reading about Politics on Linda Ikeji’s blog.

So How Is The Program Structured?

First, this is a training that is completely held online.

That is, to partake in this training, you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home. Since everything will be completely accessible online, it will help you avert a lot of stress, help you save a lot of time and transportation costs.

All of the lessons and modules will be available in a combination of both text and video.

You will practically watch over my shoulder as I show you how to implement the steps and technologies you need to be financially self-sufficient.

What About The Resources You’ll Need?

Many of the resources you need will be provided for you for free.

This includes several software that costs hundreds of dollars. All will be provided to you for free without any charge. This is to make sure that there will be nothing that will hinder or hamper your progress within the training.

Will You Need to Do Anything Else?

Besides learning, executing and providing feedback, you won’t be required to do anything else.

No recruiting of people whatsoever, no irrelevant requirement of posting things on social media.

As I said earlier, this is a very practical training. Every form of theory has been completely eliminated.

That is in this training, you will not just be learning. You will also be required to put what you’ve learned into practice.

At the end of each lesson, there will be real-world assignments for you to do. It is only by carrying out these assignments will you be able to gain the level of mastery and competence that is required to make N400,000 or more consistently.

And by now, I guess you’re probably wondering…

How Much Will This Training Cost?

Truth is, you’ll be surprised to find out how much this training costs…

I remember talking to one of my friends about putting out this training for the Nigerian public. When I told him how much I intend to charge, his reply was “Godwin, are you crazy? How could you charge so low for this?”

And I get it. He’s probably right…

Because after having witness first-hand the content of this training and the change of financial status it has brought a good number of Nigerians, he understood it worth several thousands of Naira.

However, despite his insistence, I refused to change my mind still.

So instead of charging for N50,000 or more for this training,  I’m charging just a very small fee of N8,000 only.

This is a one-time fee…and beyond this fee, we won’t charge you any other money during the course of this particular training.

In addition, we’re also throwing in some…

Cool Bonus Package For You As You Register For The Training

1. The First of them is our massive list of over 1,700 money-making areas that will definitely interest you.

For you to succeed in this part-time business, your first step is to chose an area that is already profitable.

But how would you know a profitable area?

An extensive research to discover highly profitable money making areas have already been carried out. The result of that research is a document containing 1,700 money-making areas available today.

As a participant of this training, we will save you the stress and give you this document for you to chose any area that interests you most.

Every area in this list has been vetted and confirmed to be very profitable…and building your Facebook part-time business on any area listed here is absolutely a step in the right direction.

At N100 per listing, this list alone is worth over N170,000.

But as a participant of the training, you’ll have access to this list for free.

And The second Bonus we’re throwing in for you is…

2. The “Official Online Property” Toolset.

Obviously, for you to succeed in this part-time business, you need to have your own “official online property”.

To do that, some necessary tools are absolutely required.

So we’ve decided to also provide the necessary tools for you.

These tools costs on the average, no less than N22,000.

But as a participant of the training, you’ll also have these for free.


Here’s A Break-Down Of What You’re Getting When You Enroll Now

  1. Complete Facebook Breakthrough Formula = N50,000
  2. 1,781 Listed money making areas. Worth = N170,000
  3. Tools and resources to create your own online property: = N22,000
  4. Total = N242,000
  5. Your Price = N8,000

So How Do You Enroll?

There are 2 ways to enroll…

The first is with your bank card and the second is directly from your bank account.

With any of these methods, you’ll be required to pay the sum of N8,000 in order to get instant access to the training.

Fortunately, you can access both payment methods by clicking the “Get Instant Access Now!” button on any of the payment plans that’s most convenient for you.

With the first plan, you’ll be charged the sum of N8,000 once.

With the second, 4-months payment plan, you’ll be charged the sum of N2,500 for only 4 months to cover the cost of registration for the training. You can use this option to split the payment if cash is a little tight for you right now so you don’t miss out…

One-Time Payment



Financial Breakthrough Formula

1,781 Money Making Areas

Premuim Online Property

Instant Setup

Maximum Security of Your Property

Priority Support System

12-Hour Contact Point


4-Months Payment Plan



Financial Breakthrough Formula

1,781 Money Making Areas

Premuim Online Property

Normal Setup

Maximum Security of Your Property

Priority Support System

12-Hour Contact Point

Note: This payment method is 100% protected, safe and CBN approved. You will get instant access after your payment is successful.

Alternatively, you can make payment Manually via bank transfer… or go to the bank to pay the sum of N8,000 or the amount of the payment plan you’re more comfortable with directly into this account details:

Account Name: Ben Ini Ben

Account Number: 2179309380

Bank Name: Zenith Bank

Once you make the transfer or deposit, kindly leave a comment on this post. While commenting, it is absolutely important you use a valid email address as the instructions to access the training will be sent to the email address provided.



Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

If after you enroll into this training, implement everything taught, and you fail to make at least N70,000. Please ask for full refund of your money. We will refund 100% of your money back, then apologise for wasting your precious time.

That is how sure we are that this training will work for you.

Now the risk is on our shoulders. You don’t have anything to loose. With our 60 days iron clad money back guarantee, I think your fear should be put at a corner. I don’t think we can be fairer than this.

Note that this launched price will only last for a very short period of time.

We will either increase it to N25,000 or permanently take this page down once we get the number of people we want to help change their financial lifestyle.

It now left for you to either jump into the boat, or you watch it sailing by.

We can’t wait to see you inside and support you to earn your first income!

Additionally, if you’d like to get in touch, feel free by commenting on this page, or by reaching out on Facebook, or getting in touch via direct phone call.

Click here to message us on Facebook. 

To get in touch personally, you can reach us on  08141795756 (Godwin), 07036599844 (Ben)



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  1. I’m really interested on this. Please I hope is something that will worth my money? Because many online programs like this sometimes don’t don’t work.

    • Sure. You will see value.
      We are not like others who are after your money. We guarantee that this program will work for you.
      Please after you get access to the training, if you see that is not what you can benefit from, don’t hesitate to ask for refund of your money asap.

    • After you pay, come back to this page and comment with your valid email address.
      We will send access link to the email address after we confirm your payment.

  2. I first thought that this is a scam until I decided to try with second payment option. Really, what I see overwhelm me. This is truly a gold

  3. Actually, commenting on a post online is not my thing but I have to give you people a thumb up.

    You have meant your words!

  4. I’m really interested but can you recommend which network is best in data services, so i can sign-on for this training as quickly as I can. I use air tel and Its not so smooth at all

    • Hi Stella,
      I don’t really know which network is the best in data service. I’m using Airtel Data network as on now. Their network strength is sometimes strong. Globacom also work sometimes.

    • We will give you access to our training materials.
      You can start earn within one month if you can learn fast and implement everything within a month.
      We don’t guarantee that for you.

  5. Godwin and Ben you people have made me earn money online for the first time. I can’t fail to come here to comment that the training I bought from you people actually makesx me money.
    Honestly speaking, I paid for it with fear because I have been scammed several times. I am a person that always try every opportunity I come across.
    I thank God my struggle to make money online has finally worked for me here.
    Though I don’t make 70k yet but from what I see, I will reach that figure soon.
    Thanks for your honesty.

    • I thank you too for taking the training serious and implemented everything we taught within a short period of time.
      I remember when you told me that you want to get result within two weeks. I admonished you not to rush. I’m surprise that you made it as you said. And you made that amount within few days.

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