How to Connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV

On this article, we’ve disclosed how to connect your iPhone to a TV so you can play or share content from the telephone to the TV using screen mirroring. Techniques incorporate using Airplay, connecting your telephone and TV with a computerized AV connector, or utilizing a mirroring application.

Some of the easiest ways to make this happen includes:

  • Most effortless approach to associate: Open Airplay on your iPhone, open the content application you want and tap the Airplay icon.
  • Another way: Link your iPhone to your Samsung TV with a Lightning Digital AV Adapter and a HDMI cord.
  • Or then again, attempt an application with mirroring capacities, for example, the Samsung SmartView application.

Use Airplay to Connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV

You can connect your iPhone to Samsung TVs that supports Airplay 2, including models from 2018 and later.

Instructions to Use Airplay Mirroring

  • Ensure that both the iPhone and TV are on a similar Wi-Fi association.
  • Watch that you’ve enabled Airplay on your iPhone.
  • Open the application from which you need to stream.
  • Tap the Airplay symbol.

In some applications, for example, Photos, you need to press the offer button first.

Use a Lightning Digital AV Adapter to Screen Mirror

This is one of the simpler alternatives, however you should purchase or gain a particular connector from Apple for it to work. The Lightning Digital AV Adapter can be found for around $49.00 and works with most iOS gadgets, including iPhones and iPads. You should have an extra HDMI cable prepared to use, as it will be utilized to truly interface your iPhone to your Samsung TV.

  • Associate the AV Adapter to your iPhone.
  • Associate the HDMI cable to the AV Adapter. You will see the port on the connector where the HDMI cable should be connected to.
  • Associate the opposite end of the HDMI link to the Samsung TV.
  • Set the source on the Samsung TV to the info you associated the HDMI cable to. You should now see your iPhone’s screen reflected on your Samsung TV.

Use Samsung Apps to Connect

On the off chance that you would favor a remote solution for interfacing your iPhone to your Samsung Smart TV, there are a couple applications that can help. When utilizing any of these applications for screen mirroring, the Smart TV and the iPhone should be associated with a similar Wi-Fi network. The applications won’t work if your telephone and TV are on various networks.


The Samsung SmartView application is a free application you can introduce on your telephone that will permit screen mirroring to your smart TV. Here’s the secret:

  • Ensure that both the iPhone and TV are on a similar Wi-Fi association.
  • Dispatch the Samsung SmartView application. It will request that you enter the code that shows up on your Samsung Smart TV screen.
  • Enter the pin, and the gadget ought to consequently interface with your TV.


In the event that you don’t care for the presentation of the SmartView application, you can attempt the Mirror application for Samsung TV. This $4.99 application gives you a touch more opportunity with what you can reflect onto your Samsung TV.

  • When your telephone and TV are on a similar network, the Mirror application will request that you select your TV. Select the right TV from the menu.
  • Select Mirror Samsung TV > Start Broadcast. Your iPhone’s screen is then reflected onto your Samsung Smart TV, indicating how long you have been mirroring the screen.
  • At the point when you’d prefer to quit reflecting, return to the application, and select Stop Broadcast.

Other Apps With Mirroring Capabilities

There are some applications like YouTube that have their own specific manner of mirroring the iPhone screen to your TV. At that point you can watch your #1 YouTube recordings directly on your TV rather than the little screen on your telephone.


There you have it. So you see connecting an iPhone to a Samsung tv isn’t that difficult despite the fact that they run on different operating systems.