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Best Computer Buying Guides.

Before buying a desktop computer system,there are few things you need to consider before purchasing your desktop computer . Here is our guide to choosing the perfect desktop computer system.

1- RAM{computer memory}:

This is an essential factor and it plays a big role in the speed performance of a computer the higher the RAM the better the performance. For gamers, and other power computing uses, 16 gigabytes should be the minimum while for other simple productivity tasks, such as browsing the web, word processing a lesser memory would suffice. 4 gigabytes for instance.


Computer desktop with with many external peripheral connectors proves to be more advantageous than those with lesser external connectors. it is best to get a desktop computer with at least six USB ports, e SATA, and thunderbolt which can be used for external storage and also SD card readers.


The quality of the computer screen, the color accuracy are things to consider especially when you are using the desktop computer for graphics work. monitors with LCD technology have proven to be good this days.


Most buyers are constrained to what they have budgeted for the desktop computer system. getting stick to what a purchaser has budgeted is good. And perhaps with a good market survey a purchaser can get a suitable computer system without making the wallet go empty.


The amount of power consumption of the desktop computer is also a factor to consider when purchasing.


You need a desktop computer with a good virus and spy ware package.


The warranty period is also a considering factor, a one year warranty period for a computer desktop is good warranty period.   A period of less than a year is not a good warranty period.


This is one of the most important factor when buying a desktop computer now a days. you need a computer with best chips. Although, many computer users have vouch for intel when it comes to processor.


No computer is complete without a good internet capability.

Best Desktop Comparison Table.

product name product image where to buy
Acer Aspire c24-963-uA91 A10 desktop.



Get it now on Amazon
Lenovo A10 3,desktop computrer Get it now on Amazon
HP 24 inch desktop computer. Get it now on Amazon
 New Dell inspiron 3880 desktop. Get it now on Amazon
Acer Aspire c27-962-uA91 A10 desktop Get it now on Amazon
 Preedip 1920×1080 FHD desktop computer.  Get it now on Amazon
 Apple imac 27 inch previous model.  Get it now on Amazon
Skytech Archanged gaming desktop  Get it now on Amazon
2020 HP 22 desktop computer
 Get it now on Amazon

Acer Aspire (24-963-uA91 a10 desktop).

A modern design for the modern world. the aspire 24 all in one desktop computer packs all the essential computing features you need in to a slim,space selling design that is simple to use,functional and looks great on your desk. this desktop computer features the latest 10 gen intel core i3 processor offering more possibilities than ever before via performance,connectivity,and entertainment.Enjoy a crisp and clear experience on the full HD display while the impressively thin bezels give you more to look at. this product has a wireless keyboard and mouse included. this desktop computer has an safety protection with two vision care technology. Acer blue light shield lowers the levels of blue light to reduce exposure flickerless technology of the LED panel.The Acer Aspire desktop has plenty of storage. it has a 512 GB NVMe M.2 SSD and up to 32 GB DDRX RAM. the connectivity includes wifi and USB all included.10th generation intel core i3-1005 gl 10 home operating system,internet and bluetooth hard ware interface.

pro cons
good warranty period. poor internet connection. a bit slow sometimes.

Lenovo idea centre A10 3 desktop computer.

The Lenovo idea centre A10 3, 24 inches desktop computer,AMD Ryzen 3 4300u mobile processor, intergrated graphics,8 GB DDR4, 256 GB M.2 NVMe SSD,DVD RW Drive,windows 10,this product weight 22.6 pounds.this product has a window 10 Home operating system,AMD processor Brand,256 memory flash size,it has a product dimension of 21.3×7.28×17.61 inches. 7200 RPM hard drive rotational speed. voice command and alsoa screen resolution of 1920×1080. voice command on mouse and keyboard.

pro cons
easy installation a bit laggy sometimes.

HP 24 inch touch screen desktop computer.

HP desktop computer with an intel processor and up to 12GB RAM,seamlessly go from sending work emails to uploading photos and lots more.windws 10 Home operating system,core i5 -1035G1 CPU model,HP audio stream included, stereo speakers to play favorite music,512 storage capacity,AMD Anthlon silver 3050U processor,This product features also include HP privacy camera pop up webcam camera is only in use when enabled securing your privacy.voice command and hard ware interface of bluetooth included. this desktop computer display more with a three sided micro edge display and has an adjustable tilth stand allowing you to work from multiple perspective. this PC connects with wifi also.

pro con
inexpensive compare to the quality and features attached to the computer. a bit slow when  responding to command.

New Dell inspiron 3880 Desktop.

The New dell inspiron 3880 with wired mouse and keyboard desktop intel core i5 15-70400 10th gen, 12GB DD.this product weigh 14.72 pounds. it has an intel processor brand.512 flash memory size,12.77×6.06×11.54 product dimension.this product has windows 10 pro operating system.



pro con
two years on site service wouldnt boot up in time.

Acer Aspire c27-962-uA91 A10 desktop.

Acer Aspire c27-962-uA91 desktop computer comes with these specs.10th generatin intel corwe i5 -103 Gi processor,1.0 GHZ with turbo boost technology up to 3.6 GHZ, windows 10 Home,27 full HD wides screen edge to edge LEDback list display. NVIDIA Ge force MX130 with 2GB dedicated GDDR5 RAM,12GB DDR4 memory, 512 GB NVMe, m.2 SSD and more. wireless keyboard and mouse. 0.1 hard drive rotational speed.solid stat hard drive interface,24.24×0.27×17.72 product dimension. this pr0duct weigh 14.82 also incluse 2 USB ports.


pro con
easy installation and quite simple to operate. a bit laggy when connecting to the internet.

Preedip 23.8 inch 1920×1080 FHD desktop computer.

the preedip 23.8 inch desktop computer has a standing screen display size of 23.8 inches. an intergrated card description.802.11ab,2.4GH2 frequency wireless type,windows 10 operating system. more so, this product contains DDR3 SD RAM computer memory type. 13.22 pounds weight. this product also has a 23.5×18.6×6 inches package also contain wireless technology.

pro cons
inexpensive and easy installation. a bit laggy when connecting to the internet.

Apple imac 27 inch desktop computer.

the new imac is packed with the latest processors,faster memory and phenominol graphics.all coming to life on the brightest, most vibrant ratio display ever on is a total package prepared up. its design is phenominal with display pares of 1.4 m m.This product connectivity is very well connected with two thunderbolt, 3 USB portsalong with four USB ports for connecting your printer, iphone and losts more. this itrem weigh 31.6 pounds with 25..6 inches width.

pro con
good warranty period. extremely perfect for photo editing. navigating is a bit difficult.

Skytech Archanged Gaming desktop

experience true gaming performance with sky tech gaming new archanged series.featuring the newest GTX graphics technology from NVIDA and powered by AMD ryzen 5 3600 6 core processor,the new archanged delivers the best price to performance value gaming rig in the market.the sky tech offers the best gaming computer built up to date .it is the best product for gamers as they can play popular games such as war craft,league of legend, grand theft and lots more.this product contains full HD resolution, and smooth 60 FPS game plays.AMD ryzen specification processor. 16 GB DDR4,3000 mHz gaming memory and windows 10 operating system. this product weigh 28 pounds.

pro con
great quality with modern features attached. most suitable for gamers.

2020 HP desktop computer.

This item weight is 18.21 pounds.product dimension 16.52×21.3×0.64 inches, it has the intel processsor brand.4 GBDD44 RAM,21.5 diagonal web cam,windows 10 operating system.2x USB slots.wired specs also include an intel UHD graphics 1×3 memory card reader, and lots more.


pro cons
easy set up, fast and smooth.


in conclusion, individual choice is subjective, but what task do you need your desktop to perform? is it a simple task or other wise, you have the guiding guides to guide you through as you make your choices.