Best microwave of 2021

Looking for that microwave that is built for tomorrow but available in the market today?.A microwave of the future?

then, you are exactly at the right place!

In this post, I will show you microwaves that are super convenient for quick food preparation. if you thought that microwaves are just for reheating leftovers and ready meals, get ready as you will surprised what some microwaves can actually do.

This post will also give you varieties of microwaves that are qualitative,affordable,and available in the market. this post will also show you microwaves that do basic heating and defrosting tasks.

Lets get started!

Best microwave buying guides.

there is a lot to consider before you choose the right microwaves and this post will put together vital information for you to help you make the right choice when purchasing a microwave.


This generally varies from about 17L to over 32L. For larger families, look for at least 27L which will have a larger turntable and more interior light so you can cook more than one dish at a time. for family use ideally the turntable diameter should be at least 30cm and the interior height more than 20cm to accommodate larger plates and portions of food.


There are different sizes of microwaves. A purchaser should ask himself this vital question, how much kitchen space are you willing to give up. if the space is small, you may consider buying a solo micro wave. while some combination of model double the size of solo microwave. As such, if the space is an issue you may as well just go for solo model.

the size of the door is also worth considering, wide doors makes it easier to remove hot and heavy dishes.

3- child lock features.

safety lock features feature is very important for families with young children.This will prevent children from accidentally stating a program or tempering with the cooking timing. They are easy to use and usually involve pressing a sequence of buttons before being able to continue operating the appliance.The safety lock will also prevent children from harms way.

4- Quality components.

look for durable materials like metal glass or stainless steel.Less breakable, updated features like buttons instead of a turn dial make using your microwaves easier.

5- Noise

investigate the microwaves noise level before you purchase the microwave. It is advisable to read the customer review for first hand experience.


How much you have budgeted matters, as your budget goes up so does the number of features  counter top microwaves usually cost less than the other types.small models start as low as $50 and mid sized models are $100 to $200 range.over the range microwaves $400 and up. although with a good market survey you can get microwaves that will serve it purpose.

7- Power

when it comes to microwaves, Wattage equals power. wattage ranges between 650w-1950w and in general the higher the wattage the quicker the cooking time.

Best microwave comparison table

product name product image where to buy
NIB frigidaire gallery series 30 electric combination wall oven FGMC3066uf Get it now on Amazon
Bosch S800 combination wall oven/touch control {HBL8752UC} Get it now on Amazon
Ge Appliances JK3800HW. Get it now on Amazon
Electrolux EW30S060lS 1.5 cu. ft stainless steel built microwave Get it now on Amazon
Empava 30 double electric wall oven self convection fan touch control in stainless 30 inch. Get it now on Amazon
Smeg SU45VCX1 Get it now on Amazon
GE PT7800DHBBelectric combination wall oven Get it now on Amazon
Frigidaire FFET2726TS 27 inch 7.6 cu.ft total capacity electric double wall oven. Get it now on Amazon
YXZQ 20L mini steam oven  Get it now on Amazon

NIB frigidaire Gallery series 30 Electric combination wall oven FGMC3066UF.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION AND SPECIFICATION: 5.1 cu.ft. true convection effortless temperature probe quick pre heat steam clean sensor cooking options smudge proof stainless steel 30 setting options effortless reheat. keep warm setting delay clean options sabbath mode.



pro cons.
easy installation the product is about 275 lbs weight, a bit challenging.


Bosch S800 combination wall oven/speed oven, touch control{HBL8752uc.}

this 30 double wall oven from the 800 series by Bosch offers 16 cu.ft. in the upper oven and 46 cu. ft lower oven capacity that cooks faster than a traditional oven and includes micro waves function. this iwall oven also features 12 auto programs quite close.



pro cons
it is very fast.

GE Appliances JK3800DHW, Ge 27 Built combo wall oven.

product sprcification and details :250.0lb item package weight,item package dimension 45.0 Lx40xox70.0.




pro con
it doesnt need much space, it is potable. it doesnt have full touch pad.

Electrolux Ew30S060LS 1.5 cu.ft stainless steel Built microwave

This product specification and details are as follows: 900 watts wattage,stainless steel material type,87 pounds item weight,this product has a wave touch controls. Auto cook .this product has a sensor cook options.



pro con
3 year warranty. this product is not approved for under counter installation.

Empava 30 Double Electric wall oven

this product has a glass touch display with control lock function features. A responsive, easy to use interface that is also easy to clean with extra large 5.0+5.6 cu.ft cooking capacity. the 2+1 removable oven racks for easy cleaning and 6+6 adjustable rack position to accommodate a various size of food items.8500 watts, 240 volts, 29.9 inch product dimension.


pro cons
2 year warranty. it is a bit large. might require a wider space.

Smeg SU45VCX1 classic Built in steam combination oven.

this product specification and details are as follows: 76 pounds item weight,240 voltage,electric fuel type,0.32 Gal water tank capacity,21.25×23.44×17.94 inches product dimension. 10 cooking modes feature included.



pro cons
child safe lock available

GE PT7800DHBB Electic combination wall oven.

This product details and specification are as follows: 22.5 pounds item weight,electric fuel type,27.19×29.75×44 inches product dimension. this product is a glass touch electronic controlls fpr easier operation. its hidden element helps distribute heat evenly throughout the oven cavity.control lockout prevents unintentional or unsupervised use to promote safety.


pro cons
it has enhanced features it may require large space..

Frigidaire FFET2726TS 27 inch 7.2 cu. ft. total capacity electric double wall oven.

this product specification and details :27 inch ,electric double wall oven with 2 oven racks,stainless steel,electric fuel type. this product has a vari broil temperature control.this product is self include backing technology.



pro cons
in expensive for a double oven. the product is not aligned flat. might encounter a problem when fitting in.

YXZQ 20L mini steam oven.

This product is 20L with adjustable teperature 100-250 degree and 60 minutes timer multi functional house hold steam oven, integrated machine, double layer tempered glass door , built in lighting 1200w. it has three shelf position,auto shut off,cool towel handle,non stop feet power light.



pro con
it is very potable. not suitable for large family

In conclusion, depending on your kitchen,budget and the taste you have in mind will determine what you will go for. There are vital information to help you make the right choice putting in mind the guiding factors above.