Best tv of 2021

welcome on board. Looking for that television that meet your taste. You surely won’t be disappointed as in this post, I am going to take you for a ride by showing you high quality television, television that brings greater richness in colour. Television that brings greater entertainment experience. In this post, I will take through variety of television. Be with this post and you will not be disappointed.

Best tv Buying Guides.

There are some important factors that a prospective buyer must bear in mind when purchasing a new television set. These factors are critical and would make a buyer make the right and best choice when selecting. These factors are outlined below:


this is undoubtedly a major consideration a prospective purchaser will have in mind. Price surely determines the size of the television, the features involved, but with a careful shopping tactics, you may as well get yourself a descent and reasonable television without spending a lot of money.


when it comes to purchasing a new television. Size does matter a lot. Although, a purchaser might not reali se it, but the size of the television can really affect how well the television would fits in the room.

The location

where the television would be placed does matter and it will determine the size needed. A television that would be in an entertainment center would definitely be of a much bigger size than that which would be placed in a sitting room. For a television in a suiting room, 80 inches might just be a reasonable size.


this factor is critical as it is aimed to protect the purchaser in case the television developed a problem. As such, a prospective buyer should bear in mind the time frame giving by the manufacturer in case of eventuality that may arise. Although, a reasonable warranty period shouldn’t be less than a year.

Display and use :

what kind of viewer you are and how use your television set will definitely help you make the right choice. For example, are you a casual viewer, a modest viewer, or a viewer that watches television all day and also use it to browse. If it happens you are a full time viewer, you might as well need a television with modern features attached to it. Like internet capability, Bluetooth connections and a television with an outstanding quality picture and performance.

product name  product image where to buy product
Toshiba TF 32A710u21- 32 inch smart HD TV-fire tv edition.  Get it now on Amazon


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LG OLED 77B9PUA ultra HD tv


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All new insigna NS-50DF710NA21 fire tv edition.  Get it now on Amazon.
TCL 32S325 32inch 720p ROKU Smart LED tv. Get it now on Amazon
Samsung 55-inch classcurved UHD TU-8300 Series4K UHD HDR smart tv.  Get it now on Amazon
sony XBR-65 A8H OLED ultra high defination smart HDR 4k tv  Get it now on Amazon

Toshiba TF -32A710421 32 inch smart HD tv fire edition

Toshiba HD smart tv is a new generation of television featuring the fire tv experience built in and including a voice remote with Alexa. toshiba delivers a suprior tv experince that gets smarter everyday.this producr has 720p resolution,wifi and hdmi connections,supported ethernet services such as netflix,instant vedious,you tube,and amazon.this item weigh 10.4 pounds.


pro cons
the quality and price is outstanding. a bit slow to boost up


Experience an ultra realistic image with the power of OLED technology .the powerful picture processor x1 ultimate utilizes over 8 million individual piecel to create an image with exquisite contrast and vibrant colour.this product has a picture processor ultimate and also a contrast booster. its game mode will definately take your gaming experience to the next level. it has a 4k gaming tv featuring dedicated game mode for a smoother, more responsive game mode.this sony smart tv has also a smart android tv with googlr assistant which enable a viewer to to use his voice to control his television..this product also works with alexa perfectly and also has a acousitic surface audiofor a multi dimensional experience.this sony tv also has a netflix calibrated mode which enable a viewer to to enjoy an immersive and engaging cinematic context  as the creator intended.

pro cons
1 year limited warrant the tv is a bit laggy. it doesnt respond quickly.
the quality of the picture is amazing,superb and impossible to beat.


This is a 55 inch tv, alexa built in 4k UhD smart OLED 2019 model. this product has a flawless glass design with a superb modern features attach to it. it has a HDMI -4 ,USB -2, bluetooth support version wifi standard , and wifi certified.this product power supply consumption is under 0.5. this LG TV has an infinite contrast view and also has a powerful all powered 4K Gen 2 intelligent processor which enhances your watch. this tv is the most intelligent tv with LG THINK A1 tv.the sound of this product is elavated with premium dolly  Atmos. it also has the voice control google assistant to give a perfect experience. this product has als perfect featuress for gaming.

pro cons
good qualitative picture a bit expensive
perfect for gaming


SUN BRITE TV is a 43 inch tv weather proof outdoor television 4k ultra HD LED tv for permanent outside installation.this product has a commercial Grade 4k high brightness screen with direct LED backlight and anti glare technonology to deliver ultra bright , dramatic picture detailwith 4 times the resolution of full HD. this product is up to 2 times brighter than indoor tv. to improve viewung in brghter outdoor environment.this product aloso includes speakers to enhabce the sound which can be mounted above or below the tv display. it has a 20 watt detachable sound bar.this tv is built for permanent installation in all weather with durable aluminium for protection against weather or insects. and safe excellence performance from below freezing to the heat of summer.

pro con
1 year warranty a bit expensive
easy to set and install. most suitable for outdoor display.



the captivating tv experience a viewer would get from this product is just amazinfg.this product is a 65 inch glass crystal 4K UHD HDR smart tv Alexa built in  with hw -t550 sound bar.this product is a smart tv powered by tizen. A 3D sound to give a captivating experience and turn your living room in to in to a theatre.this product also has a bluetooth multi connection which a veiwer can switch from two different connected devices.

pro con
amazing sound a bit expensive.

LG OLED 77B9PUA B9 Series 77 ultra HD smart OLED tv.

LG OLED B9 series is a 4k resolution tv, wireless connection,bluetooth,USB, ethernet,HDMI. LED technlogy display. this product brings greater richness in colour,picture and sound benefit from LG A1 powered processor.A 7 gen 2 intelligent processor..this item weigh 58.9 pounds.170w consumption,10.6×67.8×41.2 inches product dimension.


pro cons
impressive contrast and good picture quality.

All new insigna NS – 50DF710NA21 smart 4K UHD fire tv edition.

Insigna 4K UHD smart tv is a new generation of television featuring the fire tv experience built in and including a voice remote with Alexa,watch over 500000 streaming movies,this item weigh 25.4 pounds., wifi connections also available.USB, HDMI included.



pro cons
easy to install and instructions were not complicated. it requires a strong internet connection.