Difference Between a Rugged Rubber/Hard Cell Phone Case and a Silicone Cell Phone Case


Cell phones are an indispensable part of our lives, and they are more than just technological marvels, which is why we should decorate and protect our phones. Imagine the surprise and joy on your friends’ faces when they realize you didn’t actually get a new phone, just a brand new case.

Looking for new cases can be overwhelming if you haven’t decided on what feature you need. I’m going to show you some of the popular cell phone cases that can actually give your phone the best protection at any event of accidental fall, and keep your phone clean and away from dust and debris. This ultimate guide is intended to broaden your knowledge base about these items.

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Hard Phone Case

What is a hard cell phone case? A hard phone case is typically a hard shell-like case that is molded precisely for a specific phone version that snaps onto the phone. It will usually cover the back of the phone and its four corners. They typically are quite thin and lightweight, adding not much bulk to the form of the phone. Hard phone cases regularly come in clear and transparent or multiple colors, and often in matte and gloss finishes. Some companies provide customized hard phone cases as well that can be matched to personal style or customized with a business or company logo or branding. Hard phone cases protect the phone on the back and sides from bumps, drops, and scratches. There are cons in using hard phone cases, in any case. Because they are hard, they can crack when dropped. They usually snap around the corners when they do break, as this is the place with the highest stress point. Ultimately, a hard case is a great, simple, and lightweight way to protect a phone without adding much weight or bulk, so you can still appreciate the phone’s style as it is.

Silicone Phone Cases

What is a silicone phone case? Many people know silicone phone cases from the ones that used to be made for very early phone models, just at the beginning of when phones became smart. They were very soft, a little bit sticky to the touch, and they gripped the surface they were placed on. They were very popular for a while. Modern silicone phone cases are typically made from ‘liquid silicone’. You may wonder what a liquid silicone phone case is. Liquid silicone is different from old soft silicone in that it is much harder and similar to a gel phone case in its elasticity. Typically, these cases are a matte finish, they are light to the touch, and can resist fingerprints and dust. They cover the back and sides of the phone and protect them in the same way that gel cases do. They are very popular due to the feel and finish they offer.

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Difference Between a Rugged Rubber/Hard Cell Phone Case and a Silicone Cell Phone Case

The way you use your phone determines the degree of protection you need. Hard rubberized cases provide slightly more protection than silicone cases because they hold their shape. Silicone cases are very flexible, while rubberized hard cases do not bend. A silicone case should be used to prevent scratching on the plastic shell of the phone. It does not usually offer much shock absorption if the phone is dropped. A hard rubberized case, however, will provide the protection the user needs if the phone is dropped frequently

A cell phone case protects your phone against impact damage resulting from bumps and falls. These cases typically are silicone, or rugged hard/rubber comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Although all two types of cases provide adequate protection for your phone, understanding the differences between each style will help you select the best case for your needs.

Silicone covers consist of a single piece of silicone that stretches around your phone. Because the silicone covers the phone-like skin, this case adds the least amount of bulk to your phone. Sturdier than a standard silicone case, a rugged rubber case contains thicker sides and corners. As a result, this case adds the greatest bulk to your phone. A rugged, hard/rubber case offers the greatest protection because it often consists of a combination of layers, including a rigid layer and a silicone liner for increased shock absorption. In addition, these cases often offer additional protection, such as screen protection and water resistance. A silicone case protects your phone from short-distance drops and the texture helps prevent your phone from sliding. Because the case consists only of a thin layer of silicone, however, it may not prevent damage if your phone falls from a great distance or with a lot of force.

Note: A drawback to using a silicone case is lint attraction. The dust and lint from your purse or pocket may stick to the case. Removing the case from your phone and washing it with water and a mild soap typically resolves the problem. Similarly, a rugged rubber case also may attract lint and other debris, depending on the texture of the outermost layer of the case. Because the layers involved in these cases often differ, always check the manufacturer’s instructions for specific information on how to clean your hard or rugged cell phone case.


When it comes to phone cases, it’s natural to get confused when looking for answers and yet not finding any information.

When making a decision, consider all of the factors that are important and decide which matter the most. If texture matters, a hard rubber case would have a smoother finish, whereas a silicone case has a stickier finish. If you’re someone who sticks his phone in his pocket quite often, a hard rubber case slides in easily, while silicone tends to stick to the fabric. If color is important to you, silicone cases tend to come in softer, muted colors, whereas hard rubber cases come in bolder and more shiny finishes.