How to Mount a Flat Screen TV

It’s always a better option to mount your flat screen tv on the wall rather than placing it on a table. To mount a flat-screen TV, you need to be very careful in other not to end up destroying or causing harm to your tv. Mounting a flat-screen TV on the wall needs total accuracy and precision. It is also very important to get the correct tools before you start the TV mounting process.

If this is your first time mounting a flat-screen TV, simply follow the guidelines we’ve provided below while mounting your TV. And also make sure you get the correct wall bracket for your TV.

Tools and instruments Needed to Mont a Flat Screen TV

  • Drill machine
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Measuring tape
  • Stud finder
  • Level
  • Wall bracket
  • TV bracket
  • Pencil/marker

Instructions On How to Mount a Flat-Screen TV

Mark out the points

Mark out the points

Before you start the mounting venture, decide the stature at which you wish to mount the TV. Likewise, make sense of the focal point of the wall with the goal that the TV is mounted at the correct stature and area on the divider. In the wake of calculating the correct height and focus, utilize a stud discoverer to discover the studs in the wall. This causes you to keep away from any wiring that might be behind the divider (where you are attempting to mount your level screen).

Fix the bracket on the wall

Fix the bracket on the wall

In the wake of finding the correct position on the wall place the bracket on the wall and utilize a level to check the right level and tendency. Imprint the focuses where you should penetrate openings. Fix the wall section with screws and fasteners.

Fix the bracket on the back of the TV

On the off chance that you are installing the TV without anyone else’s input, at that point ensure that you adhere to the mounting guidelines given in the manual. Fix a right measured section on the rear of your level screen. Television sections arrive in a size range. Purchase the one that fits well with your TV measurements. Be cautious while fixing the section on your TV. Lay the TV on its face (i.e. glass down) on a delicate, cushioned and level thing. Take off the base joined to your TV (the help on which your TV stands).

 Mount TV bracket on the wall  bracket

Fix the bracket on the wall

The last step is to append the mount on the rear of the level screen TV to the mounting section on the wall. Fix the nuts and screws that are connected to the section with the goal that the TV is solidly mounted. Ensure the TV is hanged solidly and the sections are durable before you completely let go.

Make sure to interface every one of the links and wire at the rear of your TV before putting it on the wall section. When the TV is mounted on a wall section if interfacing links and wires turn out to be very troublesome, always call an expert for TV establishment on the divider and on the off chance that you need to mount your TV without anyone else, consistently adhere to the establishment guidance bought in by the producer.


If you’ve followed these instructions carefully, I guess by now your Tv should be perfectly installed on your wall. However, if you’re still finding it difficult to carry out the installation process, simply call a friend who has an idea or technician to help you out.